This F*cking Boy

Two weeks ago today, I came home from a trip to Germany and lived out my ultimate airport rom-com fantasy. I ran down the ramp and zig-zagged through a crowd of suitcases right into my boyfriend’s arms at Pearson airport. He hugged me with tears in his eyes and told me how much he’d missed me. Then taking my hand, he turned to me and asked me to promise him that’d we be together forever. Continue reading “This F*cking Boy”


My body has a lot of innate details. My favourite is the flat surface between my breasts, from my collar bone down to my abdomen. And maybe also the freckles that trail my arms. Other details are strategically acquired. The rose tattoo on my right hand and the olive branch on my left arm. The platinum ends of my hair. The jewellery that I never take off.  Continue reading “Details.”