A Blog Was Born

What you’re looking at now is the very first blog I ever posted. It was about a transition- a theme that occupies a lot of my current content. Now it duals as nostalgia.

The End of Life As We Know It

All through high school i was waiting. Waiting for something to create a change. I waited for P.A. days, long weekends, and holidays. I waited for winter break and summer break. I waited to be prettier, and dress better, to get better grades, to become more popular, to meet a boy. I was always waiting.But now as my senior year concludes, the waiting is over. In this school year alone, i’ve experienced a degree of emotion so broad and so deep that i hadn’t imagined it possible. Up until grade twelve i had deemed high school as an experience lacking experience to say the least. I wasted it. I didn’t do anything.
But this year was different. This year I did everything all at once and the effect it had on me was profound. I cared and didn’t care. I tried and didn’t try. I loved and was heart broken. Though my senior grades decreased significantly, causing me to graduate with near fails, I’m not leaving, feeling uneducated or un-successful, but rather feeling wise. Incredibly wise. Everything I did this year was worth it as each experience (whether good or bad) enriched me right down to the very particles of my being. And I know that no school homework or project or assignment could have done that for me.

first blog post

Of course I can’t credit this feeling to myself. I’d have learned nothing if not for my friends- those that made the experiences worth while are the reason high school was bearable. In fact, my favourite thing about high school was a person, but that’s a love story and this is not a love story- this is a story about the end of life as we know it. For the past four years, high school has been the only thing that’s existed to my friends and I; our own tiny little world. Now our tiny little world is  imploding on us as we head off in different directions, and i’m helpless to do anything but reflect on it. To reflect on how much each person has meant to me and the impact that these past four years with them has had on my life. These are the people that made waiting bearable or even better; these are the people who i was waiting for all along. But life as we know it is ending. (High school) is ending. Left behind is the experiences- first relationships, first jobs,  first time drinking, first time driving. Carried with us, is the hope and possibility of our future.

So here’s to the good parts of high school- the people (or the person) who made it worth while. ‚ÄčI will never forget any of you.

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