I Believe in Love

If you live in the city, you know that this weekend was Toronto’s annual Gay Pride Parade. This year was my first time attending and the amount of love I witnessed was expansive. City wide.

Standing in a crowd of thousands of people and literally feeling the happiness of each person reminded me just how powerful love is. It’s energy influences and inspires greatness in people. Kindness, motivation, curiosity. It is for that reason (and bare with me if you’re religious) that when someone asks me if I Believe in god, my response is that I believe in love.

love​I struggle to believe that one man is responsible for all the beauty in the world when there are so many limitations under his faith. Referring in this case, to the negative opinions on relationships that aren’t strictly female and male. Not to say either that every person who believes in god shares this opinion, nor that you have to be straight in order to believe in god. I encountered many religious and proud supporters at the parade today, one woman who was carrying a sign that said “proud to be a queer catholic teacher”. However i can’t credit all the world’s beauty (including love) to one male individual. I can credit it to what i saw yesterday. All in this one day, i saw the power that love possesses. It is the strongest force in existence that is completely universal. It is limited to no one. There are no rules. This can be argued from a societal point of view, but society can’t keep a person from feeling love. Today the entire city felt it. It’s power influenced thousands of people to come together, to embrace one another, to celebrate, to strip down and dance in the nude…to love without limitation.

At one point during the day, i witnessed the purest, most genuine display of affection i have ever seen; two elderly men kissing. It was love without social construct. Completely unbiased and uninfluenced by society. Completely genuine.

​Say what you will but that’s what this weekend was about and thats the affect it had on the city. Pride isn’t intended to push the homosexual agenda on those that aren’t comfortable with it, but rather to embrace the universal power of love​. Loving each other, loving oneself and ones body, and loving love.

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