Ho(e) Hey

I lost my concert virginity yesterday. Courtesy of the Lumineers. We (the six of them and I) got down and dirty in the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. On the grass if you must know. At dusk.

It wasn’t the most comfortable situation- what with the cigarette butts and the ever increasing crowd of on-watchers. It went on vigorously for close to two hours, slowing down here and there and then picking up again.


Having been my very first time, there were periods of feeling a little awkward. A little uncomfortable. I mean I was nervous about it before…I’d imagined how it would happen and I wanted it to be perfect. Special. I even planned my outfit the night before.

When it actually started to happen, they made me and everyone around us stand up. They didn’t rush me though. They let the tension build, like they knew they were my first. They even let me watch them perform their opening act before they pulled any moves on me so that i’d feel more comfortable going forward. Less put on the spot, less vulnerable.

Less Naked.

Then things started to get heated (excuse graphic content) and before I knew it, they had me with my arms in the air, swaying my hips to the beat. My lips moving in sync with theirs.

By the end of the night, I was wobbling out of the stadium with messy hair and sweat beading on my upper lip. Ears ringing and head spinning. I fell asleep alone at home and did not see the band the next morning.

A one night stand, by definition.

‚ÄčNot that it wasn’t a good first (concert) experience.
I honestly  can say that I wouldn’t have chosen any other band to be my first. Besides, now that i’m moving down town, i’ll have a lot more opportunity to try new bands.

Call me a “concert Hoe”.

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