Queen of The City


“And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” -Anais nin

​Above, my move to Toronto justified in exactly 23 words.
My reign over the city or otherwise noted status as “Queen”? Clearly exaggerated.
But if i’m going to move away from home and live alone, I may as well think of myself as a Queen.  And as Queen, my routine (thus far) appears something like this.
Below you may find my daily responsibilities as they have been carried out since day one…(yesterday). In the order listed, it goes as such. ​
Day 1
1. Spend 5 hours moving into apartment while family yells at each other in an attempt to assemble an ikea table (As newly reigning Queen, i do not take part in said assembly)

2. Pretend not to care when parents drive away, leaving me officially alone

3. Go for cool Downtown Thai dinner with new room mate (assessment during which provides positive results- shows she’s not a psycho)

4. Realize that I don’t live at home anymore

5. Upon realization, call boyfriend and cry some

6. Attempt to get nipples pierced in pursuit of a desire to feel edgy instead of sad

7. Realize that it’s labour day and that the place that pierces nipples is actually closed

8. OH wait theres another place down the street

9. No actually, that place is hella sketchy

10. Go to bed moping and binging netflix

Day 2 

1. Wake up to loud traffic and cursing outside the window

2. Attempt to figure out how to use apartment shower

3. Freeze to death for about sixty seconds

4. Mooch breakfast off guys upstairs because no food

5. Spend six dollars on a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks

6. Immediately regret said purchase

7. Get yelled at by homeless man

8. Find first lecture ever & make internal judgements about teacher

9. Spend way too much money on a text book

10. Mourn over money spent on text book

11. Buy new shirt to make myself feel better

12. Realize that i’ve just spent more money and mourn again

13. Buy Groceries which consist of fake cheese and frozen chicken fingers

14. Make mediocre sandwich because even though the kraft dinner is right there…it just seems like too much work

15. Write blog post…Go to bed binging on netflix

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