Sticked & Poked

First tattoo!

I’ve wanted a tattoo for a long time but have always been a very indecisive person. It starts with the tendency I have to purchase things, only to go home and wish i’d bought something else. The real problem however, is that I make these “things” much more important than they really are. A new shirt for instance, isn’t just a shirt. It’s a new instillment of my identity. I literally imagine myself wearing the shirt that i’m about to buy in several different scenarios, and often stress over the comparison between those scenarios and those offered by a different shirt. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees.
The decision process sounds unhealthy right? I’m aware. So you’d think getting a tattoo would be impossible for me. Considering the permanency and all.
I told my mom a few years a go that I wanted a tattoo for my sixteenth birthday and even though my dad didn’t like the idea, it almost happened. Near October though, my mom tells me that I don’t know what i want and i should wait until i’m eighteen. She had the right idea. Now I actually am eighteen and have been plotting my first tattoo for close to a year. Meaning i have a specific image in mind that i am one hundred per cent committed to printing on my body. The problem is a good tattoo costs money (i’m broke) and requires a significant amount of research (i’m lazy). But even still, i do not like to wait for the things that I want. This is my one exception for patience. When i want something to happen, i want it happen right now. And let me tell you, I really wanted a tattoo.

So first, in a moment of spontaneity, I decided to let my friend give me a DIY stick and poke on the bottom of my foot. I figured we could get matching ones and be like famed besties Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie.


A “Stick and Poke” FYI (for those of you who don’t know) is a form of tattooing that involves stabbing (poking) the skin repeatedly with a tattoo needle, or in a more amateur case- a sewing needle, with a thread at the end which is dipped and soaked in India ink. The process basically breaks the skin and allows the ink to take permanency under a couple layers. To be done well and look solid, the same spot has to be gone over multiple times. It’s a fairly slow process.


Needless to say, I didn’t go through with the amateur process. Something like foot amputation was mentioned in joking and even though i was still willing to place my life in my friend’s artistic hands, I decided to give it a lil wait. That’s when Courtney’s work was introduced to me. A friend of a friend of my friend, but an actual professional. Courtney goes by the alias Sister Piff on Instagram which displays her awesome collection of work (all stick and pokes) nothing machine done. Check her out here.
I messaged her and told her my idea. The bottom of my foot wasn’t an option for a stick and poke (it would rub off the skin) but my achilles heel provided the perfect canvas.
And so this was birthed…


Just imagine me swooshing past people on the streets at lightning speed and you’ll get an idea of the inspiration behind it.

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