Zeta Beta What?

​Yesterday evening I was peacefully watching the Raptors face off against Miami with a friend, when we were impromptu invited to a frat party. My friend wasn’t very thrilled but I was over taken by curiosity. I’d never been to a Frat party before and had wanted to for some time. I wanted to see if the real deal held up to the movie-like idea I already had in my head. Needless to say, it did not. The so-called frat party as it turned out, wasn’t a frat party at all. It was a beer pong tournament, a.k.a twenty guys in a basement, and two kegs of beer. Zeta PS1 was written on the wall, but i can neither spell or pronounce what the actual name was. 


I find that the following quote sums up rather well what happened next.
“Yoooo, they brought girlsss.”

Followed by a series of sweaty hand shakes and slurred introductions.
At this point, the only thing left to do was take advantage of the free beer. Note that the phrase “take advantage” could mean a multitude of things and this is in no way a confession to underaged drinking. 
This being said, free beer (however appreciated), isn’t enough to keep me occupied. So i decided to ask the “bartender” some questions.
Allow me to paraphrase…

How did you become the “frat bartender?” 
Basically I didn’t want to be in the tournament, and they needed somebody to man the bar. I chill here all night and get to drink as much as beer as i want. 
I’m guessing you don’t need a smart serve to bartend at a frat?
*laughs* No, definitely not. 
How can we be sure then, that you’re not rufying drinks?
*laughs again* Well i mean considering you’re not paying for it, it’d basically be free drugs
Oh man, wrong answer. 
Think about it like this, it’s coming straight out of a tap. If we rufied you, we’d have to rufy everyone here.

The bar tender, who I never uncovered the name of, just graduated from U of T last year and is planning to move out of the frat house soon (so he says). You don’t have to be a student to live in and be a member of a frat. As long as you were a student when you joined, you can stay as long as you want. He told me that even if he moved to another city, he could join the frat there because he’s already a member of it.
The oldest guys currently living in that house are twenty-four, but according to my bartender friend, sixty something year olds drop in all the time to visit. The frat (with the name i can’t pronounce) was founded in the early forties.

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