Once a Writer, Always a Writer


As a kid I always had a different answer to the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  Of course i was dead set on whatever it was at the time. Being a naturally passionate person, I threw myself into each new idea I came up with.

Of the few that stand out most, I recall wanting to be a famous pianist. I saw myself going to Juilliard and practiced the piano everyday for a whole…two weeks. Then i wanted to be an artist (of what, i do not know). Then Sustainable architecture, a marine biologist (because i watched the movie Good Luck Chuck and wanted to be Jessica Alba), A journalist, A humanitarian. The list goes on. 
I hated that i couldn’t stick to one thing. My best friend had wanted to be a paramedic for years (and now is doing exactly that). My mom wanted to be an artist her whole life.
Why couldn’t I be like that? Until I realized that I was.
It took a long time to hit me, but there was in fact one thing that I continued doing throughout all of my fleeting career ideas…writing.
Even if it’s not my career, if i’m not that great at it, if I pursue other things, or study other topics, I will always be a writer. I ​have  always been a writer.
My mom reminded me of this a while back when she went through one of the old boxes at home, stumbling upon a “story” I wrote when  I was eight: “HANNAH Banana Be Quiet” (or as I thought it was spelled at the time, ‘Quite’). Evidently, I also thought the only way to spell my sister’s name was in all caps.

hannah.pnghannah 2

Allow me to translate:

“I have a little sister named HANNAH.
We sometimes call her HANNAH banana because she likes Bananas a lot. She is very silly but at times she’s very loud too. One day HANNAH wouldn’t be quiet!
I said HANNAH please be quiet. She just yelled.
Mom said HANNAH be quiet. HANNAH yelled louder.
Dad said HANNAH stop yelling! HANNAH yelled NO really really really loud.
Mom called Grama and Grampa.
Grama said HANNAH Banana do not shout. HANNAH shouted again.
Grampa said HANNAH don’t yell anymore. HANNAH kept on yelling.
Everybody gave up.
HANNAH was still yelling but after a while she got tired of yelling and fell asleep.
​The end.”


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