In Love: With Karl & Tilly

The boy that changed ♥

Here he is,  Karl, with his girlfriend Tilly, nudging elbows with her and making jokes.

couple 1.jpg

Karl wasn’t always exactly the nicest of people, albeit a typical guy. Constantly joking, and otherwise talking sports. Not to mention cocky and fairly full of himself. Karl however, who finished grade twelve with 100% in math, was incredibly intelligent and in a semi justified way, believed that he was better than everyone else. Nobody ever challenged Karl.

Then Tilly came into the picture, Karl’s girlfriend.
Tilly is karl’s first everything. First date. First Kiss.
She’s a quiet girl with a secretly bold personality that you wouldn’t expect upon first meeting her. Incredibly smart. As smart as, if not smarter, than Karl. Tilly is really in a sense, the female version of Karl. Of course, Karl didn’t meet Tilly until the end of grade twelve and so he spent most of high school being an arrogant ass hole. She herself was a year younger, and much kinder.

The first time that the two of them actually spoke was at the after school hangout,  where Karl had gone to sit around for two hours acting like a smart ass. Thanks to Tilly, Karl had another thing coming that night, because as it turned out, Tilly was a smart ass too.
Within weeks, Karl was telling his buddies all about how great Tilly was, something he’d never done before. That’s when Karl first realized it. He was in love with Tilly.

When prom rolled around and it was time to “prompose”, Karl came up with the idea for a tree themed “promposal” since Tilly was in the high school’s Wizard of Oz play as tree #1. It pictured a big tree overhanging the message, “Willow you go to prom with me? Don’t leaf me hanging.”

Tilly: On our walk home, somebody walked out of the trees with a poster and I was like oh shit, somebody is going to get promposed to. And then I realized everyone was looking at me. I think my exact words were what the fuck? no about five times.
Karl: I made the poster and had to run to the park after school, and I remember just hiding behind a tree so no one would see me. I was very nervous. I remember thinking “if she says no this is hardly worth it”. Then I heard her voice in the distance and I just walked out of the trees holding the poster up. 


In May Karl and Tilly shared their first kiss.”It was awful, ” said Tilly.  And the following month, the two went to prom together


On July. 6 (whose date was only known in order to settle a debate) Karl told Tilly that he loved her. First over text. Then over the phone. Then in person.

Tilly said she loved him back that same day, responding in the same order. First over text. Then over the phone. Then in person.

“Technically she really kind of said it first without saying it,” said Karl.
Karl had read his fortune on a tea cup and it had something to do with the future and love. Tilly asked him what it said but he didn’t want to tell her. So she assumed it had the “L-word” in it and he said yes. She responded by saying “I lesbian you too, it’s okay” (which she admitted to stealing from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world)

[see clip below]

It’s now been a little over nine months since Karl asked Tilly if he could call her his girlfriend and I think it goes without saying that Karl’s been a better person ever since.

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