“Cute But Unstable”

A guide to dating a girl who overthinks

She’s usually chill but every once in a while she can’t let go of something.
You avoid saying certain things because you think it’ll upset her.
She worries about things you’d never think to worry about.

All this and yet you still really like her?
Take the advice of someone who knows (a.k.a yours personally)

1) Honesty is the best policy
Always be straight up and refrain from keeping unnecessary secrets. Lying about anything will only give her a reason to be paranoid. Lie once and you’re throwing away a solid defence- the one where you’ve never lied before and therefore can always be trusted. That’s a choice tool man.

2) Communicate
Tell her when you’re concerned about something so that she doesn’t have the opportunity to wonder what it is on her own. She’ll know if you’re upset either way, the only difference is her actually knowing why or coming up with a million of her own crazy reasons.

3) Be direct
If you like her? Tell her that you like her.
If you really like her, tell her that you really like her!
4) Patience dude patience
If she overthinks a lot, it’s safe to assume that it extends beyond your relationship. Just know that if she seems upset, she probably doesn’t need space. It’s best to just act normal and do what you can to cheer her up until she’s prepared to let it blow over.

5) Surprise her
Girls who overthink are nearly impossible to surprise so if you can manage it, you’re the real MVP. If you think you’re stealthy, you’re not. While you were planning anything, your girlfriend already analyzed and considered every possibility. She anticipates most of what happens to her on a daily basis so try and be the unexpected in her life; she’ll have one less thing to think about and appreciate you that much more.

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