Sexcapades of an 18 year old girl


[18 and discovering sex]

I  first discovered sex in my senior year of high school, as per the big loss of virginity, the v-card swipe, the cherry pop, (etc, etc). You’ve probably heard all the gory details, an absolute blood bath, unbearable pain. You have to put a towel down so you don’t stain the sheets…and then…you have to throw out the towel.Well the reality was more akin to a small strawberry stain than an actual spill and as for the pain, well yeah…it hurt, but it was only significant the first time and I was fully mobile when it was over.

Unfortunately at the start of that first sexual relationship (relationship #1), sex kinda…sucked. We’ll call that guy  the big bang because it happened quickly and all at once. I was suddenly thrown into a universe of sex without any understanding of how to navigate it. In fact, I was so new to the act that I barely even knew where to put the right parts. “Turns-ons” hadn’t yet occurred to me, oral sex was unventured territory and as per a favourite position, how does one even begin to choose the best out of three?
​But that’s high school for you right?

That is until you get something to compare it too and finally realize that sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both parties. And since every person experiences sex differently, no one sexual partner is the same. Ergo, the benefit of experiencing multiple partners. For me, it wasn’t until I found myself in a relationship with someone who met me with the same level of attraction, that sex began to seem more exciting. Relationship #2- lets call him the Bible Thumper, since he essentially defied his religion so he that could get some. We forged a sex “to-do” list, and wrote down every act/ position and  place that spiked our individual interests.

Then came the start of univeristy and the mark of  a new sexual era- the era of casual sex. Thanks to tinder and the close proximity of eligible boys on campus, it had never been easier to have a ‘one night stand’.

Hookup #1: Woodpecker
I talked to that boy for hours, and yet within minutes of first kissing him, he was taking off my clothes. Another six minutes later the entire ordeal was over and he’d flipped me over at least three times. His hips never stopped moving, hard and fast, so fast I’m hard held to say that I actually felt anything.

Hookup #2: West Nile Crocodile
The Egyptian boy who wouldn’t stop biting my lip. Every time he kissed me, it was like my whole face was being sucked into his mouth until eventually my lips swelled up and split. Now that  was the real blood bath.

Hookup #3: Jack of no trades 
“No trades” because essentially he just jacked off on my stomach. The unfortunate result of  having drank too much and not being able to get it in.

Then to conclude, my most recent sexcapade- with a guy who wanted to make sure I actually got something out of sex. He was committed to seeing through an orgasm on my part and was more interested in crossing the finish line than setting a personal record. We’ll call him slow and steady wins the race (relationship #3). A tortoise amongst hares and yet the only one to actually achieve what I thought might have been impossible- bringing me to climax.

In terms of discovering sex, I’d say that I achieve a sort of progression with each new experience. I learn what attracts me to people and what aspects of them turn me on, as well as what exists in terms of the different types of sexual encounters. My understanding of how people relate sexually has shifted dramatically since I first started having sex and continues to shape itself each time.

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