Live and Learn am I Right?

Just about 8 months since I moved into the city: ​A few things that i’ve learned from my first year of university.

1) Concerning school: Don’t be that idiot who has to buy all of their books brand new, start looking for used ones ahead of time and sell them as soon as you’re finished the course.
2) Concerning your social life: All of those people you didn’t really talk to in high school, you don’t have to follow them on Instagram anymore.
3) Concerning living away from home: If you don’t clean the dishes, they will remain in the sink until you do. They don’t magically disappear
4) (The same applies for the garbage)
5) And toilet paper…that doesn’t replace itself either
6) When baking: 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 350 degrees Celcius are drastically different things. The cookies WILL burn and the fire alarm WILL go off
7) If by chance you do set the fire alarm off, DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR TO LET THE SMOKE OUT. If you do, the room fire alarm will become the building fire alarm, which means the building will be evacuated and then everyone will hate you
8) You know what? Just don’t bother making cookies at all, its too risky. Freeze a stick of cookie dough instead and consume it in small dosages when needed
9) Concerning boys: he probably does JUST want to sleep with you
10) The boy that you texted for two days but haven’t heard from since he left your bed this morning…he’s probably not going to text you back. Accept and move on
11) Concerning friends: refrain from using phrases like “dude you were so wasted” or “weren’t you really high?” while their parents are visiting
12) Don’t underestimate the  importance of a solid female friend. Guys are great, but sometimes you just need to be around your own species
13) Don’t sleep with your friends, it creates complications
14) Concerning food: If you don’t learn to cook, your diet WILL mainly consist of  Kraft dinner, Mr. Noodles and ice cream
15) Those tubs of Ben & Jerry’s add up…don’t purchase them with your new credit card
16) Concerning not starving: make friends who can cook
17) Concerning alcohol: moderation is everything
18) Don’t max out your booze supply AND smoke in the same night, it’s got to be one or the other
19) Don’t drink and cook either, or drink and handle delicate items…or drink and message boys
20) In fact, just don’t message boys. Boys are dumb.

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