In love: With Amy & Kaitlyn

What feels right ♥

Amy and Kaitlyn met in high school, in the midst of an environment infused with social pressure and judgment, but they refuse to let that taint their relationship.


How do I describe them as a couple? They’re warm. That’s the best word for them, a pair who is constantly laughing together and looking at each other with nothing but love and affection.

Amy“I’d been attracted to girls before but never met someone before that I could see myself in a relationship withIt just so happened that the right person was a girl.​”

When did you first know that you liked each other?

A: Because I’d never been with a girl before, my head didn’t automatically go to that place. As a girl if you’re talking to a guy and you’re hanging out all the time, there’s kind of safety- an assumption that you like each other. But if you’re a girl whose been straight all her life, it’s confusing. The two admitted that they liked each other in Amy’s car sometime in January. 

They shared their first kiss the next night while watching a movie together. It was Kaitlyn’s first kiss ever.

Tell me about your relationship.

A: We have this weird dynamic where were like best friends and also a couple
K: we have wing eating contests

A: Being the same gender kind of takes the dating your best friend thing to the next level, certain things and experiences that you share and understand. Our affection for each-other is a lot more intimate and loving.

The first time the couple told each other they loved each other was while snuggling in Amy’s bed because Kaitlyn was upset over a family argument.

It sounds like the start of your relationship was also a coming out for you, what was that like?

A: my close group of friends were pretty surprised, I got responses like
‘I wouldn’t expect this from you’ and ‘you don’t seem like somebody who would like girls’. We forget sometimes that we’re not (what is perceived as) a typical couple

Kfor us it just feels right

In the months before prom, Amy ‘promposed’ to Kaitlyn in the cafeteria during lunch because “that’s where everyone promposes in high school.”
The school reaction was almost exactly the same for every other pair as it was for the apparent best friend duo in front of them…until Amy kissed kaityln and the clapping slowly faded. (Laughing it off, the couple told me that they were too busy enjoying the moment together to care what anybody else thought)

What is different about your relationship from ones you’ve experienced with men?

AOur relationship has been so constant- We’re always talking, always communicating.

At the end of the day, the high school environment doesn’t exist in Amy and Kaityln’s relationship. They are warm and in love. What they have, feels right.

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