How to be a Wired It Girl

Wired headphones are back and having a moment…

Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are identified as trend setters in perhaps what is, the most casual, affordable, it girl trend to ever make a comeback: wired headphones. Vogue reported at the precipice of the fall season that wired headphones are in fact back, and no less, replacing Apple AirPods.

In response a hoard of wired fashion folk took to the gram to showcase their own tangly headphone looks, and in no time an Instagram account was dedicated to immortalizing them. Welcome @wireditgirls, where you may join the ranks of wired celebrities and fashion icons like Lily-Rose Depp, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, and Zoë Kravitz, simply by fishing your old headphones out of the junk drawer.

It was very literally the last day of September when Cool girl Vogue writer Liana Satenstein analyzed an Instagram photo of Dua Lipa in Italy, following the pop star’s runway debut at the Milan Fashion week. Lipa, as Satenstein affectionately refers to the singer in her article, is seen stretched languorously in front of clear blue waters, wearing a butterfly crop top and a metal choker embellished with none other than a pair of wired headphones (a piece by designer Corrina Goutos, reports Satenstein).

Satenstein declared upon closer inspection that Lipa was making a statement of security and ease, by resurfacing the inexpensive lo-fi tech look that found its origins in the Tumblr era. Not sure what she means? TikTok has it explained. In perfect timing, content creator @thedigifairy, aka, The Digital Fairy, posted an explainer video on her TikTok account which forecasts ‘internet and youth’ trends. Her theory of this particular resurrection, is that wireless headphones “destroy the aesthetic of listening to music”.

The music decorum which she refers to garnered popularity in the 2010s Tumblr era, and is once again seeing a revival, she says. At the time, images like this one shown in her video were all over Tumblr. Now we’ve come full circle as the humble wire joins the ranks of vinyl records, tape recorders, CDs and boom boxes. You heard it here: wired headphones are now vintage. They’re also your ticket to cool girl street style.

24-year-old writer Shelby Hull is the admin behind @wireditgirls. She can be found casually strutting her own wires around LA. Hull says “the wire is a perfect indicator for identifying the ‘it girl’. [Because] it exudes an effortless kind of energy, something that you can’t describe.” The fashionable trend watcher goes on to explain that wired headphones are a chic signal that the wearer does NOT want to be spoken to (“keeping them looking and staying unbothered”, says Hull, “thereby adding an air of mystery to their already alluring, laid-back exterior”).

Hull concludes with emphasis: stick to a trend long enough and it will have its comeback moment. Just like the juicy couture velour tracksuits and low rise jeans. Stay wired.

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