13 Chunky and Trendy Charm Necklaces That You Can Buy On Instagram

13 trendy DIY Charm necklaces sold on Instagram

Hand-made maximalist necklaces (aka charm necklaces, aka chunky chains, aka layered gems…any other synonyms?) are all over Instagram right now, following popular Y2K/ Gen X looks that pay homage to whimsy and youth.

Every creator has their own spin on the popular charm necklaces, making for an assortment befitting even the most personal, obscure aesthetics you can imagine. Envision a diverse range of edgy, funky, elegant, eclectic, silly, and sentimental jewels. Let me show you where you can buy them for yourself.

1. First up is Toronto- based @jiggly_junk who made the “Bad” necklace I’m wearing in the feature photo of this post. I’ve been fortunate to meet the creator, Jade, who is lovely and enthusiastic about her work. She is also the same age as me down to the day (we both recently celebrated our champagne birthday: 23 on October. 23rd, so happy birthday jade!) Jade’s pieces are eclectic and personal, and she also takes custom commissions.

2. @eggthatwearsclothes is based out of Singapore. Creator Jaime makes pieces that are eclectic, and whimsical- at times cartoonish and fun and at other times edgy and even a little gothic. All necklaces are first come first serve and made one of a kind (no replicas). Jaime ships internationally, with payments taken via PayPal.

3. @swamparsenal is based In New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m leaning towards playful as a descriptor for these pieces, also very current. Here the creator made a series of pieces inspired by the popular Netflix show Squid Game. You can shop for Swamp Arsenal pieces on Instagram or Etsy.

4. @lola_tapioca_pearls is based in France. Pieces can also be purchased on Instagram or Etsy and ship internationally. These French charm necklaces are feminine, elegant, and down right regal.

5. @fruiitgemz is an LA shop that ships internationally. You can purchase these girly, ethereal necklaces from Instagram or directly from fruiitgemz.com.

6. @chaoticreason is based in NYC and of course ships internationally (purchase on Instagram or Etsy). I’m identifying these pieces as eclectic and fantastical, even a little edgy in a sexy Dungeons and Dragons (or Game of Thrones?) kind of way.

7. @shuuulian is LA based as well. This account has a much larger following than the other DIY creators but I wanted to include it because the charms are hand drawn (enclosed in what I presume is resin). You can view archived pieces on Shulian’s website, and make your own custom order.

8. @aure.co (aka Aurelieus) is another eclectic and might I say, funky, shop that ships internationally. Purchase from aurelieus.com.

9. @harlothands is a popular LA shop with a big following. You can actually purchase these pieces on SSENSE as well as at harlothands.com. These necklaces are kinda the whole package: busy, edgy, eclectic and whimsical, fancy.

10. @_beadbaby_, based out of the US. These pieces are on the playful end: colourful, and ethereal.

11. @introverted.angel is UK based, shown here with more squid game inspired content. Generally these pieces are sassy, eclectic, and edgy- purchasable on introvertedangel.com.

12. @stinkyjewelz with made to order pieces out of Austin, Texas. You can purchase these gothic, moody, chunky adornments at stinkyjewelz.com.

13. Last but not least @honeymoon.nyc, a jewellery project based in New York, fashioned with glass flower beads and fresh water pearls. I purchased one of these necklaces during the pandemic when I was stuck quarantining in the suburbs with my family, and receiving it in the mail brought me pure joy. These ones are a little outside of the charm style, but they’re fun and eclectic and perfect for layering.

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