The Best Euphoria Makeup Recreations From EP.1

In the wake of the Euphoria Season 2 release on Jan. 9th, (last Sunday), fans jumped to recreate the dramatic party looks that helped set the scene for an emotionally intense, and visually hazy episode 1 debut.

The predominant TikTok (text) trend that I’ve noticed in the week following episode 1 is variations of the phrase: “When you’re leaving for the bus but forget you go to Euphoria high“, in which the creator appears embarrassed to have emerged in a “typical” school outfit and sort of reverse walks, backwards off camera, so as to then re-emerge in an extremely fashionable (though flamboyant, and noticeably age inappropriate) outfit in the style of the show’s very adult-like teenage characters.

There was also an enthusiastic response from the cosmetic and beauty community. Fans have been recreating the makeup looks of their favourite characters as they were portrayed at the episode 1 party, and sharing selfie’s of their work on Instagram. Fortunately for them, they had some blue prints to go off of. Lead makeup designer for the show, Donni Davy (@donni.davy), has been super active on instagram in and following the season 2 release.

That being said (and since episode 2 just finished airing on HBO) these were the best ep. 1 inspired looks posted to Instagram in the wake of episode 1 (all but a week ago!), as inspired by their respective characters.

  1. Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) rhinestone wings

2. Maddyโ€™s (Alexa Demie) Y2K glimmers cat-eye

3. Jule’s (Hunter Schafer) Avant-Garde tear duct liner (Teen Vogue referred to the look as having a “Black Swan-esque aura”)

4. Kat’s (Barbie Ferreira) two toned eye shadow with nude lips

4. Rue’s (Zendaya) drug-induced psychedelic tears

5. Combination character looks/ improvisations

5. Multi-character/ improvised looks

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