I Fell In Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Exist

Two weeks ago today, I came home from a trip to Germany and lived out my ultimate airport rom-com fantasy. I ran down the ramp and zig-zagged through a crowd of suitcases right into my boyfriend’s arms at Pearson airport. He hugged me with tears in his eyes and told me how much he’d missed me. Then taking my hand, he turned to me and asked me to promise him that’d we be together forever.Read More »

I Believe in Love

If you live in the city, you know that this weekend was Toronto’s annual Gay Pride Parade. This year was my first time attending and the amount of love I witnessed was expansive. City wide.

Standing in a crowd of thousands of people and literally feeling the happiness of each person reminded me just how powerful love is. It’s energy influences and inspires greatness in people. Kindness, motivation, curiosity. It is for that reason (and bare with me if you’re religious) that when someone asks me if I Believe in god, my response is that I believe in love.

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