Zeta Beta What?

​Yesterday evening I was peacefully watching the Raptors face off against Miami with a friend, when we were impromptu invited to a frat party. My friend wasn’t very thrilled but I was over taken by curiosity. I’d never been to a Frat party before and had wanted to for some time. I wanted to see if the real deal held up to the movie-like idea I already had in my head. Needless to say, it did not. The so-called frat party as it turned out, wasn’t a frat party at all. It was a beer pong tournament, a.k.a twenty guys in a basement, and two kegs of beer. Zeta PS1 was written on the wall, but i can neither spell or pronounce what the actual name was. Read More »

I Believe in Love

If you live in the city, you know that this weekend was Toronto’s annual Gay Pride Parade. This year was my first time attending and the amount of love I witnessed was expansive. City wide.

Standing in a crowd of thousands of people and literally feeling the happiness of each person reminded me just how powerful love is. It’s energy influences and inspires greatness in people. Kindness, motivation, curiosity. It is for that reason (and bare with me if you’re religious) that when someone asks me if I Believe in god, my response is that I believe in love.

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