A young woman wearing a black dress with sheer sleeves and ruffled bottom. She is reading a book.

Long live the little black dress! But especially RN

Vogue calls black dresses the ideal reemergence holiday piece

Vogue writer Rachel Besser wrote on Dec. 17th: “for the 2021 holiday season, there’s nothing chicer than black dresses” in her fashion Fashion piece titled “Why We’re Gravitating Toward Festive Black Dresses This Holiday Season.”

This paragraph says it all (and is in fact the bulk of the article, which then becomes a round up of black dresses).

Besser writes: “In years past, holiday dressing meant a spangly silver mini for New Year’s Eve or a holly berry red worn on the night before Christmas; but that was then, and this is now. Black dresses are the ideal reemergence holiday piece. Here’s why: We just experienced more than a year without party stimuli like strobe lights, pumping music, and close proximity to strangers. That time could, for some, be compared to a dive in a sensory-deprivation tank. Because of this, reemergence has recalibrated what we may have once considered mundane to exhilarating. And this includes fashion. Take, for example, the black dress—once a humble closet workhorse that you could rely upon for any occasion, it has now become the ultimate color to don on festive occasions.”

I enjoy the sentiment of donning a little black dress at a time when present world circumstances seem dire. Certainly it feels as though the last two years have been lost to us in some ways. Just when we think we’re seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we are met with a new variant. Christmas isn’t exactly cancelled but it’s worrisome for many, and my heart goes out to those who are sick, self-isolating or staying a cautionary distance from family and friends.

In many ways, we’re in collective mourning of 2020 and 2021. So, what could be more appropriate then black? You’re sad, I’m sad. let’s all wear black.

Black is somber, but powerful. When you wear it you give: impenetrable, mysterious, maybe even melancholy. Who can look away?

Now make it a dress. It is the holiday season after all! Add texture, sparkle, feathers! Wear it tight, short, floor length, oversized, sheer…because now is the time to get away with anything (so long as it’s black). Even if your holiday plans are akin to hibernation, don the LBD- whether for yourself or the gram. Now more than ever, (we) deserve to feel fabulous… sombrely fabulous, in a “black like my heart” way, but also timely fabulous.

No, the little black dress will never go out of style, but yes, it is having a particularly special moment in time. Omicron-Variant-Christmas-chic, sorry to say it.

I encourage you to take part in this 2021 holiday trend, and to get you started I’ve compiled some current inspiration. Long live the little black dress.

A girl with red hair wearing a black leather jacket

Staple Jacket Philosophy

I’m thinking about a staple jacket and how it becomes itself. The piece de resistance of many a wardrobe, the fronting piece, your outermost layer; I wonder, how do you realize a jacket for it’s potential to define you? I’ve laboured myself over this question for years (seriously).

An assortment of thoughts on the philosophy of staple Jacket, as narrowed down into 8 categories: Leather, Printed, Corduroy, Fur, Suede, Winter Puffer, Blazer, and Denim.

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