86 Years

Today is my grandfather, “Poppa”, aka Barry Johnston’s 86th birthday, so I want to take the opportunity to commemorate those many exciting years of life through the eyes of his fourth to youngest grandchild (of 12), yours truly.Read More »

The End of The Rainbow

What do you find at the end of the rainbow I ask? ‘Well’ you’d say,  ‘after arriving at the end of the rainbow and convincing the leprechaun standing guard to let you pass…you would peer down at a glittering pot of gold’. Unless you’re me. In which case, the end of the rainbow is a toilet bowl and what you’re peering at is actually your own vomit.Read More »

Zeta Beta What?

​Yesterday evening I was peacefully watching the Raptors face off against Miami with a friend, when we were impromptu invited to a frat party. My friend wasn’t very thrilled but I was over taken by curiosity. I’d never been to a Frat party before and had wanted to for some time. I wanted to see if the real deal held up to the movie-like idea I already had in my head. Needless to say, it did not. The so-called frat party as it turned out, wasn’t a frat party at all. It was a beer pong tournament, a.k.a twenty guys in a basement, and two kegs of beer. Zeta PS1 was written on the wall, but i can neither spell or pronounce what the actual name was. Read More »