To All The Girls That I’ve Let Down

When I was seven, my best friend Madeline forgot to bring a hat to school and the teacher made her sit in the shade at recess while all of the other kids played tag. There was nothing I loved more back then than running around being chased. So instead of giving up the game to sit with her, I recruited my frenemy for the job (a freckled fiery red head who was much girlier than me). The two of them sat in the shade playing barbies while I ran my self dizzy with the boys… Madeline hated playing with barbies. Read More »

My Hopelessly Romantic World

‚ÄčI’m in love with love. There are many things that I have yet to discover about myself, but this is not one of them. I am and always will be a  hopeless romantic. I know this.
I’m only eighteen and i’ve already experienced multiple forms of love and heart break, and each time I take something out of it.  Here, I have summarized as best I can, the boys that have played a part in my hopelessly romantic world to date. Read More »